Tied To A Dying Animal

by Shroud Of Despondency

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Wade Knapik
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Wade Knapik Stumbled onto this gem by accident. The front half of this album brings to mind what Enslaved might have morphed into had they forsaken the clean vocals and 70's prog. The back half is beautifully played neofolk, mostly instrumental with occasional male and female vocals. There's also four bonus tracks. The best way to listen to this is to play it front to back and then repeat.
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Tracks 1-8 are "Tied To A Dying Animal Pt 1: For Innocence, Beauty, and Those Who Defile." This album is a largely a character exploration of the shady fuckers who make life both terrifying and interesting. Rapists, domestic abusers, child abusers, murderers, hustlers as well as the families they all hurt are represented. There should be no feelings of enlightenment or positivity when listening to this cd or exploring the lyrics, should you choose to. The lyric writing process consisted of Martin Scorsese movies, brooding over having to work jobs that put one in close contact with the aforementioned shady fuckers, and (as always) a general feeling of alienation.

Tracks 9-17 are "Tied To A Dying Animal Pt 2: For Those Who Leave And Find Better Devils." This album came together with the help and musical integrity of many of our friends. While it is a celebration of despair it is also a celebration of friendship and artistic drive. Such is life.....

Shroud of Despondency is proudly unconfined by genre specifics. Call us what you will.


released February 12, 2014

"Pt 1: For Innocence, Beauty, and Those Who Defile"
Rory Heikkila- Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Jon Liedtke- Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Spencer Powers- Drums
Tyler Okrzesik- Bass
Ron Blemberg- Vocals

"Pt 2: For Those Who Leave And Find Better Devils"
Rory Heikkila- Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals, Various percussive instruments, Piano, Bass
Jon Liedtke- Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Theremin, Synth, Bodhran,
Tyler Okrezsik- Acoustic Guitar
Spencer Powers- Floor Tom, Cymbals, Noise, Tambourine
Ron Blemberg- Percussion
Jack Daniels- Bougarabou and Backing Vocals on "The Whore and the Politician"
Noah Mezsick- Bass Guitar
Kyle Heikkila- Bass Guitar
Christina Winters- Vocals
Emily Durkin- Violin
Jim Becker-Cello
Nick Elert- Synth and Piano
Chris Bissell- Talking Drum and Percussion
Jesse Decaire-Big Drum



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Shroud Of Despondency Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Shroud of Despondency was formed by Rory Heikkila in the late 1990's.

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Track Name: A Man Can Dream
A Man Can Dream"
Feed what is hungry
Let every footstep in the snow melt beneath your boots
Warm with blood, saliva, and contemptuous steam
Let disdain for others stain the roots
Everything rises again
Infinity in cycles
Cycles that end with the spilled blood of brothers
And semen in dead mothers
(solo Jon)
Feed what is angry
Let every tear drop that falls burn and tear chunks from your skin
So you can learn to react and think comforting thoughts
Force yourself to learn to hold them in
I'm only wanting something new
Don't blame me if it means the ending of you
It's the ending of me too
The beautiful, something away.
(solo Rory)
Know when it’s right to let go.
Track Name: Clenched Jaw
"Clenched Jaw"
(solo Jon) Clenched jaw
A reason to believe that the future looks bleak
Each sun that rises above my peak
Your sadness not even a distraction
Clenched jaw
A reason to believe that the future looks bleak
Each sun that rises above my peak
I call you beautiful
I'm an animal for your innocence
Your sadness, not even a distraction
It's just inherent in your beauty
A maddening part of my being
One I refuse to understand
Always wounded by the space
Between inner and outer man
I lash out
(Solo Rory)
I do not kill
I injure
I do not kill
I injure
I live for the sound of pain
I do not kill
I injure
I do not kill
I injure
Kept alive by my disdain
Track Name: The Life Of Fire
"The Life Of Fire"
This is not the hearth that charred Nyeli
Nor the flames of enduring energy
I may die with all my flickering
This fire belongs to me
It dies when I die
With my reaction to eternal form
And when my wind carries it
New foreign lands can be forlorn
Sorrow implied
Designed for those who rise
Every human struggle
A smoke cloud for empty skies
Where every arm is extended
I've cut off a hand
My fire, sent to burn the skies
Will first burn all the land
(Solo Jon)
(Solo Rory)
Track Name: Winter And Warmth
"Winter and Warmth"
It will be winter soon enough
So I prepare my warmth
Without the need to prepare my warmth
I’d be left with only myself
My winter
Snowflakes imprinted with messages of death
Words explaining why love has failed
How my life is veiled by the comfort of others
And how every light grows pale
(Solo Rory)
(Solo Jon)
Reasons for the brightness
Fear of self, worry for others, diminished hope, desire to escape Consequences of my desire
Murder, suffering, more convictions and more love
Blood stains the snow
The snow will always melt
Blood stains the snow
The snow will always melt
Who will see?
Track Name: Long Hours
"Long Hours"
It follows
I am the reaction of conscious prey
Long hours subdue me with distraction
At the end of the day
I am prey
At the end of the day
Dead inside
I've stalked mine
Missing opportunities
Now a person like other people
Hunting prey elsewhere
This maelstrom, others might call it a mistake
I call it fate
Some call it energy in all the wrong places
As they fall prey
(Solo Jon)
(Solo Rory)
(Solo Jon)
(Solo Rory)
It follows
Manifestations of murderous desires
Long hours subdue me with distraction
At the end of the day all are prey
Mistakes lose their meanings
Especially the beautiful ones
Not everything needs an answer
Track Name: What You Remember
"What You Remember"
Where the most beautiful things are slowly murdered
Their memory dies slowest of all
Dragged through the mud after the last pain of torture
Of legend, that they were ever here at all
And their memory dies slowest of all
Engrossed in
Detached from
I'll do anything to survive
This chaos
This last breath
Irrelevant, this legend of lies
For even though their memory takes the longest to fade away
Every beautiful thing still dies long before the end of human days (Solo Rory)
Where all thoughts are dying embers
No one cares what you remember
(Solo Jon)
Never with an alliance
Learn to die in silence
Track Name: A Tribute To Barren Land
"A Tribute to Barren Land"
Show me that you trust me
Lash out
Anything but apathy
Show me the beauty in the unsettling
If necessary
Where all need to be slaves
Some pray, some use, some hate
Everyone loves
Everyone stands above
One never overcomes
Lose faith in dreams
Where flocks of sheep devour the healthy greens
Lose faith in dreams
Where barren land has devoured all the trees
Lose faith in dreams.
Lose faith in dreams.
Track Name: Over(Coming, Taking, Breeding)
"Over(coming, taking, breeding)"
Filthy posterity
Descending to the last slimy rung of a wet wooden ladder
Dropping into once sanctified wells worldwide
And overcoming everything
Overtaking every stream
Claiming piety
Entrancing the feeblest of an impoverished under elite
Vengeful spirits with no place to release
And an overabundance of seed
Overtaking every field
The lion never eats straw
Children can not lead
And nature carries on without flesh or streams
The poison entered this well of blood
Long before our generation
And we are unto death
Tied to a dying animal.
Track Name: The Whore And The Politician
It Cycles
Bleeding melody as it becomes visible
If the eyes watch closely
They see the spoiled notes and they are fooled by what they hear
This is life for the lesser
Every lesson a disguise
Dirty little coward
Filthy whore
And every lie told beats another down
Every lie told leads her down
Still beautiful, afraid
Separate only in name
Track Name: Prominent Cross
Prominent cross, high in the air
Degradation underneath
Who is worthy of love?
Prominent cross, clouding the air
Penance underneath
Who is love worthy of?
I'm sorry I held my hand to the flame again
To honor that which was taught to me by you, father
I'm sorry I held your hand at all
Visibility feeds, the lights go out
Honorable men go with honorable men
In the dark
I'm sorry I held my hand to the flame again
To honor that which was taught to me by you, father
Track Name: Family
You have too little faith
This is your wonderful day
I want to help to change your life
Go to sleep, right away

Your family did this to you.